Our team leans on high qualification and long-term experience of solving a wide range of tasks in various areas in the building up of construction projects. We offer the following services:

Function of General Designer

– comprehensive design of industrial projects
– obtaining positive conclusions of examination
– monitoring the implementation of design solutions throughout the whole construction period

Our project department:
– develops projects of buildings and structures of any complexity
– guarantees to the customers the high reliability of the design decisions made.
Qualifications and experience of our team ensures the designing of pojects for difficult conditions of operation and maintenance, such as:
– seismic regions,
– karst-dangerous areas,
– water saturated grounds,
– large-spans structures, etc.

Function of General Contractor

Construction Projects:
– separate buildings and structures;
– large industrial enterprises;
– logistic complexes
The Projects design and build with the entire necessary infrastructure to ensure a trouble-free reliable functioning.
Our team ensures high quality of the performance any construction and installation works solely according to the project schedule.

Managing Company

We manage the project from start to finish, from the initial stage to the commissioning stage, end-to-end service:

  • Selection of ground area;
  • Obtaining conditions of town-design planning and technical conditions;
  • Appraisement of the project realization according to the optimal design and construction solutions, the selection of technological equipment;
  • We arrange all coordinated and negotiated schedules:
    – finance schedules,
    – schedules of design works,
    – construction schedules,
    – schedules of materials and equipment delivering,
    – commissioning schedule.
  • Control over the implementation of the whole project or any parts of the project at the every stage of implementation.

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