Our Company

We are engaged in the design and construction of industrial projects. It is considered that it is the most complex and the most interesting sector of construction. This business requires from the whole team strong qualifications, direct knowledge and practical experience. Our team of designers and builders works hand in hand more than 10 years.

We are efficient and mobile in all respects today.

IBC is positioned as the National Construction Company of a new format in the Ukrainian market. That is quite reasoned.

About Us
  1. We perform function of General Designer

  2. We perform function of General Contractor

  3. We implement projects as a management company

  4. Full range provider of services for the construction management and operations and maintenance of the building project

Our capabilities

Our team leans on high qualification and long-term experience of solving a wide range of tasks in various areas in the building up of construction projects.

We offer the following services: